Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Writer's Block

Well, you may have noticed a bit of a pause in my blogging.  It's due to a mixture of equal parts overscheduling, lack of sleep, recurring tummy troubles, random busyness, and plain old lack of writing inspiration.

I have at least 3 unfinished craft projects I can't share with you yet.  God's been working on me, but I can't quite form it into pretty words yet.  My kids have said and done hilarious stuff, but I really don't know if the general public would be as amused by those stories as I am.  There have been more fruitless attempts at cleaning.  I've been exercising like it's my job but with no real success to report. 

So I haven't written.  And the longer I go without writing, the more pressure I put on myself.  And the more pressure I put on myself to write, the harder it is to form something to write.  You see my predicament.

So I was thinking that maybe if I break the silence with this pointless rambling mini-post, perhaps I would rattle loose my writer's block. 

I'll let you know if it works. :)


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