Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! 

This is such a great day to celebrate.  Sunday mornings are crazy in my house (yours too?).  But I refuse to let the craziness distract me from celebrating what Jesus did for me.

And he lived, died, and rose again for you as well.

We still give our kids baskets full of toys and candy and hide eggs for them to find (from us, not the Easter bunny). 

And we also dress up and force the kids to take family pictures.  This year Nora was the one who couldn't get on board with the whole family picture thing.  We got two decent family shots:

Just to keep it honest, our family pictures also included this:

What you can't see in these pictures (besides the battle to get Griffin in a tie and the arguments with Nora about her attitude...) are the super fun nail decals I put on my fingernails:

Ok, enough with the girly details.

Lastly, here's one of my all time favorite Christian songs, and it's very fitting for Easter.

Don't ever forget that God loves YOU so much that he sacrificed his son for you.

Now I'm off to witness my niece being baptized.  How cool is that??

Happy Easter!



  1. Your dress is AMAZING!! My mom gave me a gift card for Easter, but I honestly could not find one thing I loved. I was actually looking for a dressy top or dress in this exact color of turquoise you are wearing. I ended up wearing an old spring sweater I had in a similar color. Where did you find your dress? Do you take the pictures on Easter? I feel like we're rushed Easter morning. I got a few of the kids, but they were excited to get to church and wouldn't cooperate. I always think, "we'll just take some pictures when we get home from church", but every year, they run in the house and throw off those dress clothes faster than I can unload the car and walk in the door.

  2. We actually did take the pictures Easter morning, if you can believe that! We got up early, ate breakfast, got ready, took pictures, then did the egg hunt for the kids (inside, so they wouldn't get dirty). I don't think I'll be able to pull that off ever again!

    As for my dress, I ordered it last year from a company called eShakti. I ordered two dresses, hoping to use one for Easter. They took FOREVER to arrive, and they didn't get here in time for Easter. I wore one dress for my birthday party (the yellow one) and saved this blue one. I had to alter it quite a bit. I had to take about 4 inches out of the overall circumference and take the hem up about 2-3 inches.

    I was really excited about eShakti when I first discovered their site. You can buy dresses in premade sizes or customize them to your exact measurements. However, neither of my dresses fit me correctly, and they took super long to arrive (several weeks). So I hate to say it but I wouldn't recommend them. At least the frustrating order last year meant that I had a "free" option this year that just took time to alter.