Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Things

I'm a girl who gets excited about little things.  I may sometimes get upset about small details, but often a simple act/item/gesture turns my whole mood around.  The last few days have been filled with these small but joy-producing moments.

I recently purchased a discounted membership to Sam's through LivingSocial.  We've never had a Sam's membership before, and this deal included the membership for myself and my husband, a $20 Sam's gift card, and three coupons for free items from the store.

Jared and I got a date on Saturday, and we first went out to dinner.  My dinner was so good!  Seriously.  As in I-can't-stop-talking-about-how-good-this-is good.  Jared fully enjoyed his meal as well.  Plus we just beat the dinner rush, and the restaurant was full with a 40-minute waiting period when we left.

Enjoying a super tasty (and healthy!!) dinner that we didn't have to cook or clean up was enough to make us super happy.  Then add in the fact that we were in and out of the restaurant in record time with plenty of date time to spare, and I already felt the date was quite successful.

We decided to go check out Sam's after our meal.  Yes, we chose to grocery shop on our date.  We are lame.  It's okay because we both got a kick out of finding good deals and making fun of giant vats of mayonnaise.

We browsed and found some great foods for our family.  It makes a mama happy to have things like cheap 100% juice juice boxes for kids' lunches or the world's largest bag of Craisins for healthy after-school snacks.

We even got to use our $20 gift card when we checked out.  Plus we used the coupon for a free 16" take-and-bake pizza, which we took home for an easy Sunday dinner (don't worry...I ate a tiny sliver and then healthier foods for my dinner). 

This weekend I also discovered that I finally broke through my weight plateau and dropped below my pre-Nolan-pregnancy weight.  I was nearly resigned to just stay at the weight I am, but now I see a glimmer of hope that I can keep working to get down to my goal.  It took 2.5 months to break through this plateau!

The last two nights have been filled with kids waking up, having night terrors and bad dreams, coming into our bed, and needing us to get up and get them things.  We're tired.

This morning was just one of those mornings.  Griffin and Nora spoke not one positive word.  They bickered with every breath.  I felt the physical pang of dropping Nolan off at school and wishing with everything in me that I could keep him with me.

I chose today to actually straighten my hair and add big curly waves.  And it drizzled rain.  Do you know what happens to my straightened hair when it rains?  It becomes Monica-in-Barbados hair, for you Friends fans.  If you don't know that reference, just think of an image that requires the use of the words frizzy, fuzzy, and uncontrolled.

But my gloomy, lame Monday was turned around in an instant.

I had recently ordered a small tote at a friend's Thirty-One party, and she came to deliver it to me.  It was in a large bag, which I thought was odd.  In the bag was a little surprise.

In fact, the surprise was, in my opinion, the most fantastic item in the entire Thirty-One catalog.  I had fallen embarrassingly in love with this item, but it was only available to the hostess of the party.  And my friend bought it for me!!

And she had my last name embroidered on it!!

This thing is AWESOME!  It holds TWO 9x13 pans, it's insulated to keep the dishes hot/cold, the top compartment has a really cool way of being zipped away when you only need to carry one 9x13, and it even has a zippered pocket to hold utensils.  Oh, and it comes with adorable matching serving utensils!

And did I mention it's made of my two favorite fabrics that Thirty-One carries right now??

Here's a picture of the set from the Thirty-One website:

I just kept walking past it on my kitchen counter all afternoon and making giddy noises.

So, to recap:
  • I love a great deal
  • Lame dates with my husband can be super fun
  • I like free pizza
  • I've been working triple-time just to lose a few pounds
  • I'm tired
  • I miss my son when he's at school
  • My kids fight
  • I have super fuzzy hair
  • And I get very happy about things like pretty casserole carriers with matching serving spoons
I hope you find a happy thing today, too!


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  1. I'm so glad you like it! I was just soooo "you" in every way!!! And I'm SOOOOO proud of you for your stick-to-it attitude & dropped more lbs!!!! Good for you!!! You are an inspiration! Can you "drop off" your secrets???? LOL!!!