Friday, March 29, 2013

Coloring Easter Eggs

This evening we enjoyed our yearly tradition of coloring Easter eggs with Jared's dad.  It's always such a fun event with the kids (after I let go of my fear of messes).

This year was just as fun as anticipated!

I always buy clearance egg coloring kits after Easter and store them until the next year.  I also save the coloring cups, utensils for moving the eggs, and the little white crayons to reuse every year.

I've learned a few tricks along the way.  For instance, I double up the color tablets for classic colors (neon colors don't need a partner).

Sometimes it's hard to tell what color those little tablets are.  The easiest way to figure it out is to wet a paper towel and rub it on the tablet.  You can easily see the color on the paper towel.

I test the tablets and do my best to match the dye color to the cup color to make it easier to identify colors when we're all at the table coloring Easter eggs.  I use vinegar to dissolve the tablets, but I use water for the pinks (as recommended on the kit instructions).

I also have at least 3 cups of each color so we don't waste much time waiting for a color to become available.  I cover the table with layers and layers of newspapers to absorb inevitable spills.

This year Griffin ended up making most of his eggs brown.  That made a few cups of dye brown as well.

We really had tons of fun coloring Easter eggs together.  It's good old fashioned family time that warms my heart.

I was giving Nora pointers.  Apparently, we were having a Crazy Hair contest.  What can I say--I was cleaning and cooking all day.

Jared and his finished eggs

Grandpa Dan and his eggs

Me and my eggs

Nolan and his eggs

Griffin and his eggs

Nora and her eggs

Our family's finished eggs

We finished our evening with some Jello eggs. :)

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Adorable! And, by the way.....I LOVE Jared's shirt!!!!

    1. Haha--thanks! I made his shirt. :)