Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simon Says

I discovered a very simple but super fun game to play in our house:  Simon Says.

It's a classic, and I had just never thought to play it with my kids.  I think I associate Simon Says with a large group of people (like a class or Vacation Bible School).

I played it with Griffin and Nora on Wednesday, and we had so much fun.

Then Thursday night after dinner, Griffin asked if we could play a game together as a family.  I couldn't believe that he requested family time!  Talk about a fun first!

We considered our many board games:  Candyland, Sorry, Trouble, Operation, Monopoly, etc.  All of these games are only for four players, and ours is a family of five.  So Griffin suggested that we play a family game of Simon Says.

He insisted that we gather in the living room because that's where I had played it with the two littlest kids the day before.  We took turns being Simon, and we fully participated, even with somewhat ridiculous things that Simon wanted us to do.

We had SO much fun together as a family!  Here are some of my favorite moments:
  • Griffin, as Simon, directed us to name the books of the Bible.  (We only named the New Testament because none of us have the Old Testament memorized!)  He also ordered us to recite a Bible verse.
  • Simon said to skip around the house, and I laughed so hard that I cried when Jared took a full minute to remember how to skip.
  • When I was Simon, I told everyone to rub their bellies and pat their heads at the same time.  I nearly wet my pants watching them try to do it!
  • Nora did everything she was told to do, whether Simon said or not.
  • When Jared was Simon, he told all the kids to kiss me.  :)
Just in case you've never thought of it before, try playing Simon Says with your kids!


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  1. Cute!! Times like these you need video cameras installed in your house to capture the moments.