Monday, February 18, 2013

More Easter Costumes

I just finished this year's batch of costumes for my church's Passion Play (Easter Play).  You may remember when I made three costumes last year that turned out to be the most difficult sewing project I had tackled.  You can read about those here:
This year's assignment was much easier.  The director gave me some costumes that were made with fabrics that she didn't think were accurate for Biblical times.  She gave me a few bolts of solid fabrics so I could remake the costumes.  I only took on two costumes this year.

The original costumes:

I had to take apart a few of the seams so I could use the old costumes as my pattern for the new ones.  I also had to make head coverings for both costumes and new belts and ties for the head coverings.  It took me a few weeks to complete them, but I'm finally finished!

This costume replaces the blue one above.  It includes an ivory head covering, green head covering tie, and brown belt.

For the head covering and ties, I had to press the edges under twice and topstitch to give a nice finished edge.

I didn't have brown thread for my serger, so I had to use black on the insides of the brown vest.  I hope it doesn't show on stage!

This tunic has a rounded neckline with a slit in the back and a hook-and-eye closure.

I had to make bias tape to finish the neckline edge.

I used my serger whenever possible for the construction of the garment, and I pressed under and topstitched for the hem.

And the other costume:

This one replaces the lavender costume.  It includes two different sizes of head coverings, a green head covering tie, and a tan belt.

This tunic has a boat neck.  I serged the edges before pressing them inside the garment and stitching them in place.

I serged the bottom edge before hemming the tunic.

For the ties, I had to press under twice and topstitch the edges.  Hours at the ironing board = b-o-r-i-n-g!

It feels so good to finally erase "Make Passion Play costumes" off my to-do list white board!  It's nice to be able to find a way to use my sewing skills to help out at church.  I'm just glad this year's assignment was so much easier than last year's!

With the costumes finished, my "free time" has been spent taking care of sick children, telling myself I don't have Strep Throat (turns out I do), gaining weight despite killing myself with P90X, and cleaning my house.  I think I'd rather make more costumes!


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  1. Dear Jessica, In case you haven't thought of it, making them with growth tucks, which can later be released, can save a lot over the long view. You can do them on the sleeves, as well as the hems. Then instead of sewing them again and again you just let out the tucks. Hope this helps. Mrs. K.