Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Down

I finished the blue Easter Genie costume!!  The thing in the middle there is the head covering.  It's made of sheer blue fabric that has little iridescent dots on it.

I had the costume 99% finished, and I got stuck trying to figure out how to close up the back.  So I moved on to the gold costume and came back to finish this one once I had cleared a few things off my costume to-do list.  

Here's the top/shirt:

And the back of the top:

(Ignore the wobbly sleeves.)

I ultimately decided to use one snap and three hooks-and-eyes to close up the back. 

Here's a shot of the trim along the bottom of the shirt:

And I did indeed survive all the hours of making the panels for the pants.  The pant legs are made of the darker blue satin, and the pants have 8 total panels of the sheer blue (with gold ric rac applied on the long edges) over the pant legs.  The bottoms of the legs are gathered with elastic

I kept the "V" shape at the bottom of the waistband, but I raised the top of the waistband so it will cover her belly button.

The pants back:

There's elastic in the back of the waistband.

And a (somewhat) hidden zipper on one side.

Now that The Blue Genie and The Golden Girl are done, that means 2 down and 1 to go!

And the final costume color is (drum roll)...fantastic fuscia!

The fabric on the left is satin with tiny sparkles.  It will be the skirt.  The fabric on the right is sheer and will be the head covering/veil.  The fabric in the middle will be the main fabric of the top/shirt.  It has a really pretty decorative edge.

Here's proof that I've already been working on it (with my trusty serger):

Nolan will be home from school tomorrow, so I will be balancing costume work with spending time with my kids.  But I'm on the home stretch now!


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  1. Ok, I've had some time to think on this and here are my suggestions:

    Pink Lady (sticking with naming after a movie/TV show - Grease Pink Ladies)


    Easter Egg Pink

    It's Not as Easy as You Would Pink

    Can't wait to hear what you name it and see the progress! You're doing amazing!