Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

I already told you that I'm taking it easy for Valentine's Day this year (with the kiddos and their classes).  I bought the boys' valentines from Oriental Trading when they had a free shipping code, and I took Nora to Walmart to pick out her valentines.

A couple weeks ago I saw a cute Valentine's Day idea on Pinterest, and then I noticed that the Pinterest user had pinned it to a board called "Things to make other moms hate me."  I never want to be that mom.  When I do go the extra mile and make something homemade, it's because I enjoy the process and find crafts to be a nice distraction from all the cleaning, disciplining, and wiping other people's rears. 

Life is just too crazy for all the adorable Valentine's ideas I found this year.  But that's ok. 

Nolan's valentines are Pixy Stix made to look like an arrow shot through a heart:

I started putting them together one afternoon while he was at school, and then I realized I should have him participate too.  So we finished the rest together after he got home from school.

For his valentines box, we started with an empty shoe box (remember that I'm a box hoarder).  When I first told Nolan that I bought him Pixy Stix valentines, he was majorly bummed.  He said that he really wanted Marvel superhero valentines.  So I picked up a box of lenticular (the kind that have two pictures that you can see from different angles) Marvel valentines from Walmart for less than $2.

We broke the valentines into strips of three and also some single valentines.  We worked together to figure out how to arrange the valentines on the box, and I hot glued them on.

We covered the lid as well, and I used a craft knife (like a scalpel) to cut out the rectangle in the middle of the lid.

Nolan's finished valentines fit perfectly inside his box for transport to school.

Griffin and Nora had parties at school yesterday (preschool for Griffin and church program for Nora).  They both decorated bags at school.

I just wrote their names in the "from" spot on their valentines so they could easily pass them out to their friends.

Now our house is once again filled with candy.  We were still working on candy from Christmas.  And Jared's birthday.  And we'll probably still be working on Valentine's candy until Easter.  Griffin said, "Mom, we'll probably always have candy."  I think he's right!

Have a great day!


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