Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

Today is my first blogiversary!  Woohoo!

What's a blogiversary, you ask?  According to Urban Dictionary, it is "The yearly anniversary of someones web-log (blog)."

In short, I published my first blog post one year ago today.

Not too many of you have been reading for the full year, mostly because I was reluctant to go public with my blog at first.  I really like the outlet of writing, but I also feel the sting of vulnerability.

One year later, I'm super glad that I started this crazy thing.

I have really appreciated all of you following along with me on this journey.  Your comments on my posts (and in regular life about my blog) have meant the world to me.  I know you all have crazy busy lives too, and I feel honored that you would spend time reading my ramblings.  You have graciously followed along through my highs and lows, and you've helped me to keep moving forward through it all.

I look forward to sharing life with you over the next year!



  1. Happy (belated) Blogiversary! I'm so glad you found this great outlet for sharing your gifts, ideas, feelings, and so much more with the world. You are such a great writer. Even though we share life together your blog has helped me to see your perspective even better.

  2. Cant believe it's been a year! You have done a fabulous job of using your story for His glory. And everything you write is so enjoyable to read. And so chuck full of wisdom (I just soaked some hard water stains off my faucet with vinegar soaked towels 2 days ago, thanks to you!). Also in the past week I referenced your "water on the altar" entry as a devotional in a conversation. The Lord has blessed all of us connected to you. Period. But this blog is special. Thanks for sharing your heart and life. Love you! Love, Leslie