Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer with the Kids

For quite some time now, I have been bookmarking websites and blog posts on my computer in a file called "Summer with the Kids."  These are ideas for activities and ways to enjoy and make the most of our summer.  There are TONS of tips and ideas in these links.  I hope you find some helpful ideas!

Click on the link under each picture to visit the original site.

Plus scroll to the bottom of her post to see ideas that other readers posted.

And check out the author's website, NurtureStore, for TONS of amazing ideas for playing with your kids (and secretly educating them!).



Whew!  I know that's a lot of links and an overwhelming number of ideas.  I suggest that whenever you have 10-15 minutes, click on just one link.  Look at the ideas on that link and then look around that website.  Each of the websites I linked to has even more cool stuff than what I've referenced.  

I still need to get organized for my summer.  I will either make a giant list or do one of the jar ideas to gather all my ideas/activities.  Or perhaps I'll print calendars and fill in ideas on specific days.  I'm still working how this summer will look for us.

Please feel free to add any additional ideas/activities/links you have!


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