Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Muffin Tin Meals

Have any of you other moms heard of these muffin tin meals?  They are new to me--and they look awesome!

While I was perusing the World Wide Web for ideas for activities to do with my kids, I came across the website Muffin Tin Mom.  I learned a lot by reading the FAQ page.   

Basically, you serve your kids a meal in a muffin tin.  Put each component of the meal in a separate compartment of the muffin tin.  I love it!

Browsing the site will give you TONS of ideas for foods to serve your kids (whether in muffin tins or on regular plates), as well as creative ways to serve these foods.  It would be fun to do this just one meal per week, or you could do it more often. 

My muffin tins have 12 cups each, they're great quality, and I don't want to wear them out since I use them for making yummy cupcakes. :)  I need to make a run to our local dollar store for some other Summer List supplies, so I'll look for 6-cup muffin tins while I'm there.  That way each child can have an individual pan for their plate.

Just in case I don't find 6-cup muffin pans at the dollar store, I did look at Amazon.  I found a few interesting options.

I've also seen these at grocery stores.  Not great for reusing, but maybe just to try out the muffin tin meals.

These are actually designed to hold paint, but they could be a nice alternative to metal pans.  I would like to know if they are dishwasher safe.

I have regular size muffin tins and mini muffin tins.  It might be time to add Jumbo to my collection!

Since I need 3 pans, I'm going to start by looking for the cheapest option.  But I also don't want something that's going to rust if I put it in the dishwasher.  

I just thought this would be a fun change from our usual boring lunches and dinner battles with picky eaters.  It might trick them into eating...at least the first time.


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  1. These are very cute! These would help me create more rounded meals. Seems too easy to throw chicken nuggets and fruit at the kiddos and skip a veggie when Daddy is out of town.