Monday, June 25, 2012

Frozen Grapes

Over the weekend we tried a couple frozen treats from our Summer List.

First, we made frozen grapes on skewers.  Not much explanation needed as to what that means.

I washed the grapes and pulled them off the stems.  Then I gave each kid a wooden skewer (I had some on hand leftover from a teacher appreciation craft).  I told them to poke the pointy end through the stem hole on the grape and slide the grape down the skewer. 

Griffin, of course, chose to instead pierce his skewer through the sides of the grapes.

Our grape-kabobs ready for the freezer:

We froze them for several hours.  Later that afternoon, the kids were "starving" and needed a snack, so I pulled out the "grape popsicles" as they called them.

Griffin pretended his was a sword.  But then he did enjoy eating the frozen grapes.

Nolan liked them but didn't love them.

When he was down to 2 grapes left, he pretended it was a weight and told me how strong he was.

Nora never got past that first cold, tart bite.  I was with her.  Griffin finished mine and hers.

In summary:  This was super easy to do.  The kids thought it was fun and something new to try.  Griffin was the only one who actually enjoyed eating the frozen grapes.


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