Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer List: Sonic

Ever since I posted all my links to ideas of summer activities, I've been busy traveling all over the internet to actually read those ideas.  I have been copying and pasting ideas that I think we'll actually do into a Word document to make our Summer List.  You know how I love lists.

Even though my list is not officially done, we already started doing the activities!

Yesterday we needed to shift our nap time earlier so I could take the kids to hair cuts at 2:15.  I knew that would make our afternoon feel long, so I came up with a plan.  I've seen Sonic advertise half-price drinks and slushies during "Happy Hour" (2:00-4:00 pm).  We occasionally drive through Sonic for Sunday lunch because it's located near our church, but I thought the kids would enjoy parking there and sitting in the car.

I was right--the kids enjoyed it!  We each got a small slushie (4 total) and our grand total was only $2.75.  The kids got a kick out of seeing the girl come out to our car to bring us our slushies.

It's tough to get a picture of all three kids in the car, but I did manage to get this picture (not surprising that Nolan was the only one cooperating).  Then I tried to get individual pictures of the kids, but the brightly-colored sugar had hit their brains and they were awfully goofy.

Griffin loves any time he gets to have his car window down, so he particularly enjoyed that aspect of sitting in the car at Sonic.  There were some birds on the ground not too far from our car, and Griffin thoroughly enjoyed watching them...and telling me that the birds were looking for food...and yelling "Hey bird!" at the top of his lungs.

The kids just kept getting sillier by the minute.  Nora kept making jokes about diapers and cracking up.

When I asked the kids how their slushies were, they all had favorable responses.  One, however, was clearly worth documenting:
Griffin:  "Mine tastes perfect plus excellent plus awesome plus great."

The kids kept handing me their cups and asking me to "fix" them.  I had to stir the slushies with the straws so the kids could suck it up through the straws again.  And each kid only drank about half of his/her slushie.  Overall, I would call this a success.  Definitely a great jump start to our Summer List.

Once I have my Summer List completed, I'll share it with you.  I went to Walmart last night and bought supplies for a few more activities on our list.  I'm also trying to take a picture or two of each activity we do so I can make some sort of "what we did this summer" photo book.

Happy Friday!


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