Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Kid on a Bike

Yesterday we did a family activity from my Summer List:  we rode bikes on the blacktop at Nolan's school. 

It's too hard to ride at home because we live in the middle of a hill.  So we just threw the boys' bikes and Nora's tricycle in the back of our SUV and drove to the school.  The kids love "riding bikes and trikes" there.  We bought Nolan a new bike for his birthday, and you may remember that we gave it to him early on Mother's Day

Nolan is still learning to ride without training wheels.  Jared patiently holds him up and runs alongside him.  Over and over.  And over.

Yesterday was the only time since Mother's Day that we've worked on riding a bike with Nolan.  He gets frustrated and scared, so it takes a lot of coaxing and effort.

But the effort paid off as we saw HUGE improvements in Nolan's bike riding.  I was entertaining Griffin and Nora, but I managed to take a video of Nolan riding by himself with Jared running alongside.  This is a seriously proud moment.

Click here to see the short video.

Unfortunately, right after I took this video, Nolan took his first big spill.  He scraped both hands and one knee.  He was brave though.  I tried cleaning the dirt out of his wounds with baby wipes and my bottle of water, but this was the best I could do:

Yes, that is his elbow pad all the way down around his wrist.

I told Nolan that he's cool now with wounds to show his bike bravery. 

Nolan's first time riding his bike by himself and his first big scraped was a big day.  And I am one proud mama.


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