Friday, June 22, 2012


I may get stressed about all the details of life, but I also find great enjoyment in all the little things.

Like when my purchase total at a store comes to an exact dollar amount. {Earlier this week I made a purchase that came to $10.00 exactly!}

Or when I see a miniature version of anything.

Or when something has multiple colors in color order.

Last night I was at Walmart picking up a few things for activities with the kids.  I cut through an aisle just to get to the other side of the store, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this:

They are nesting containers with lids that nest and are in color order.  Be still my heart.  For just $4.97 for the whole set, these babies came home with me.  Now we can replace some of the old cottage cheese and Cool Whip containers that we use for leftovers.

While I was at Walmart I visited the paint department.  I wanted to get paint cards to do this activity {Summer List item #99}.  I picked up all the colors I needed, hole punched the corners, and used metal rings (that I already had on hand) to connect each set.

The boys got the longer paint cards with shades of each color.  I tried to keep Nora's simpler by giving her just one big card of each color.  But I forgot to give her a pink card...rookie mistake.

We took the kids to an afternoon showing of Madagascar 3 {Summer List item #51:  See a movie in the theater}.  Everyone had too much sugar and too much sitting during the movie, so we decided to go for a family walk when we got home.  I quickly assembled the paint card sets and off we went.

Nolan started before we left the driveway by spotting Jared's gray car:

We found tons of green (grass, leaves, etc.) and lots of brown.  Griffin enjoyed pointing out various colors, but he wasn't all that interested in his paint cards.

Nora wanted every. single. "blowing dandelion" along the way.  We at least identified that the little seed fluffs are white.

We saw lots of red stop signs, including this one that's at a reachable level:

Griffin has always loved calling out the colors on fire hydrants whenever we're driving in the car ("Yellow fire hydrant with a red top!").  Nolan wanted to identify which yellow on his card was the closest match.

Nora got out of the stroller to compare her purple card with these purple flowers:

This rock was a bit of a puzzle for Nolan because it had all sorts of colors swirled and dotted throughout:

Orange was definitely the hardest color to find.  We only saw it in man-made forms like truck taillights, an Illini flag, and an outdoor baby toy.  We finally found an orange in nature when we found these flowers:

So to recap:  Nolan enjoyed this and fully participated, Griffin pointed out colors but didn't want to use his paint cards, Nora didn't really care about any of it.  Since we were going for a walk anyway and the supplies were free, I'm still glad we did this color activity.  And I get to cross off 2 Summer List items today. :)


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  1. Very cool idea!

    Something Jason reminded me of the other day is what a rainbow actually is. I tried answering with all the scientific blah blah I could think of and still didn't't get where he was headed. Finally his explanation...a rainbow is a promise from God that he will never flood the earth again. I'll never look at one the same again.