Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Is My Nerdery

I'm a full-blown nerd.  I can hide it well because I'm not your traditional computer nerd or science nerd.

But I'm not in denial about my nerd status.

Here's a recent example.

Last Friday we had the home inspection on our new house.  That meant an all-access pass to be in our new home for two full hours!  I was pumped.

Jared left work to meet us there.  We had our three kids as well as our niece and nephew.  All five kids enjoyed playing on the play set in the back yard, running around on the tennis court behind our lot, and playing hide-and-seek in the empty house with lots of closets.  It made my heart happy to see the kids running around the house.

While the kids were playing and the inspector was inspecting, Jared and I took measurements of all the rooms.  I scribbled sketches and numbers in a notebook for future reference.

Later that afternoon Jared was back at work, my niece and nephew were gone, and my kids were having rest time.

So I sat down for some quality time with my calculator, notebook, and some graph paper.

Our printer has an option to print "school papers," including graph paper.  I chose to print some pages with metric measurements because that seemed to be the best scale.  I did some calculations and figured out that I could fit all rooms on a single sheet of paper with one square on the graph paper equaling 6 inches in real life.

Enter my trusty ruler and pencil, and pretty soon I had scaled drawings of all the major rooms in the new house.  Jared, who already knew I would do this anyway, measured our big pieces of furniture.  He used my same scale to convert the real measurements into graph paper models of furniture.

Then I got to play paper dolls like a true nerd.

I moved furniture around until I had an arrangement I liked.  Then I used poster putty to secure each furniture piece to the paper, but I can still move them later if I want.

Now we'll know where to move the big pieces of furniture on moving day.

See?  Being a nerd can be useful.


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  1. That's what my degree is in and I drew floor plans for a few years and loved doing it. I had about twenty templates for all sorts of things, furniture, plants, etc. So, I have to say, your nerd-iness comes naturally in this area. lol I could draw planograms and floor plans for a living. :-) It's fun to be able to move things around on paper first.