Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Green Room

Continuing the tour of our house, I'd like to show you one of the bedrooms.  This room has served many purposes, so it has had many names.  You'll see why I call it the green room.

This is the largest bedroom, and it has two closets.  I honestly can't remember why we didn't choose this as our master bedroom.

Here's the room when we bought the house:

That was Jared's stepmom and stepsister inspecting the house with us.

We pulled up the gross carpet to reveal original hardwood floors.  They were in decent condition, but they (still) need to be refinished.  That was a project we just never tackled.

I was a young newlywed who had watched too much Trading Spaces, and I came up with a vision for this room.

This was our office, and we had two desks and a bookshelf in the room.  My vision was a limey/grassy green and lemon yellow.  I really couldn't find too many pictures of this phase of the room, but here's one shot of one part of the room:

We eventually got a huge super cool bookshelf that my dad built, and it took the place of the little one in this photo.  My favorite part was a glass bowl of fake lemons in one compartment of the giant custom-made shelving unit.  Seriously, too much Trading Spaces.  And yes, I actually made those hideous curtains.  And yes, the ceiling is yellow.

The office became Griffin's room when we found ourselves expecting Baby #2.

I couldn't find any pictures (you'll hear that a lot) of when the room was a cute nursery for Griffin.  It's a shame because we found adorable crib bedding that was light blue with fish and circles that were white and the exact shade of green on the walls.  We left the green walls but painted the ceiling white.

Here's a picture of Griffin sleeping in his crib in this room (after he was old enough that we removed the crib bumper pads):

Don't worry, we quickly moved him out of that position.

Once we found out Baby #3 was coming, we had to move the boys into a bedroom together.  We chose the green room since it's the largest and has two closets.  Apparently, God always knew how the bedroom shuffle would go for us, so He just made us choose a smaller bedroom as our master from the beginning.

Here's the first night we had the boys sleep together in this room:

The last change for this room was when we got the boys in bunk beds.  We actually bought a loft bed from Ikea, and we put a twin mattress on the floor underneath for Griffin.  That way he couldn't roll off the bed very far, and Nolan's "top bunk" isn't as high off the floor as a traditional top bunk.

This is still what the room looks like currently.  We figured ugly green paint wouldn't keep someone from buying the house.  It should be interesting to see what colors the boys want in the new house.


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  1. I am so enjoying all of these room tours. You'll be so glad you blogged all of this for memories. I sure wish I had thought to take more pictures of our homes. Especially since the military homes we lived in have both been torn down! My favorite part of this post is Griffins green blanket. I love that it still brings him comfort five years later.