Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nora's Room

Nora's room started out as a guest room (I have no pictures of that, sorry).  Then it became Nolan's nursery.  Eventually Nolan moved out of the room and into the green room with Griffin so Nora could have the smaller bedroom.

Here's the room when we bought the house:

This was the lovely wallpaper.  It exactly matched the curtains as well as the bedspread.

This room never had carpet, and we just left the hardwood floor. 

I honestly don't remember how we decorated the room as a guest room.

When it was time to convert it to a nursery, we painted the walls light green.  I made Nolan's crib bumper pads.  The head bumper pad wasn't completed when I took this picture, but it had an appliqued snail.  His room was decorated in snails and caterpillars.

Nolan outgrew his crib and moved up to a twin bed with a guard rail:

Then he moved into the big bedroom with Griffin, and we painted this room pink for Nora.  I hated the first color we chose (it looked like Pepto Bismol), and I made Jared repaint with a new shade of pink.  My dad made Nora's crib, which is now a family heirloom for us. 

I paid someone to paint Nora's letters to match her crib bedding.  We didn't get the letters made until after she was born since it took us six hours after she was born to decide on her name!

Eventually Nora moved into a twin bed.  A family member gave us the bed frame, and I love that it's white and that it has drawers.

The above pictures are what the room currently looks like.  The tall bookshelf holds all of the kids' art supplies, Play Doh, and some books.  The dollhouse looking thing is actually a shelving unit that we found on clearance at Target.  It currently holds hair accessories, jewelry, and Nora's giant My Little Pony. :)  We could someday decorate it and use it as an actual doll house.

I made the first three bow holders for Nora.  I painted bare wood shapes from Hobby Lobby, Mod Podged scrapbook paper onto them, attached a long ribbon for the hair clips, and attached small ribbons for hanging.  My friend Megan made Nora the adorable bow holder with the turtle on top.  It was a birthday present for Nora at the height of her baby turtle obsession.

So, there you have it.  Another room checked off our tour list!


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