Monday, July 8, 2013

Basement Updates

I've been going through old pictures to remind myself of what our house used to look like and how much work we've put into it.

I thought I'd share pictures with you room by room.  I know this is much more interesting to me and Jared than to anyone else, but that's okay.  You don't have to read my rambling, right? :)

I'm starting with the basement because, well, it's the ugliest part of our house.  It's all better from here.

When we bought our house, the basement was unfinished.  Today the basement is still unfinished.  But it is usable space.

Here's part of our basement when we bought the house:

It had green grass-like outdoor carpet on the floor and the world's ugliest and heaviest couch.  In case you're wondering, that woman was our realtor's assistant.

We made this area into a bit of a play/family area.  We removed the ancient couch and put in a couch, love seat, and my Grandpa's recliner.  Against my advice, Jared cut a square out of the paneling and installed a projector behind the paneling wall.  He hung a projector on the opposite wall.  We put video games and toys down there as well.

The other part of this side of the basement is what we were working on last week.  I couldn't find any "before" pictures of that side.  Let me just say it was gross and creepy.

We painted the cement blocks and the fake bricks, put in new flooring, and set it up as an exercise area.

The other half of our basement when we first bought the house:

I was so excited to have an extra oven for big family meals (like Thanksgiving).  Turned out it didn't work. 

Here's what this side of the basement looks like now:

This end is just for storage.

Laundry area
Pantry shelf and my craft supplies

It's still an unfinished basement, but I think it's less creepy than it used to be.

I promise the rest of the rooms will be prettier. :)


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