Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Bedroom

Our "master" bedroom is actually one of the smallest bedrooms in the house.  Here's what it looked like when we bought the house:

The awesome wallpaper

I also had a case of too-much-Trading-Spaces in this room.  I had this whole vision of gray and white with touches of pink.  I fell in love with some pink fabric that had Eiffel Towers on it because Jared and I met in high school French class.

Here's my interior decorating experiment:

I made the duvet cover.  And yes, I did paint the window frames gray with PINK on the bottom ledge.

I also covered our headboard (yet another piece of hand-me-down furniture) with gray fabric, as you can see here:

We eventually painted the window frames white and pulled up the carpet to expose the original hardwood floor.  I covered the wall behind the bed with long curtains to cover the short, wide window.  We got a new bedspread from Ikea as well as new shiny white nightstands from Ikea.

We also switched out the old light fixture for something more updated.

I love that the original gray paint we put on the walls lasted through my various decorating phases.

That completes the tour of our bedrooms.  There are more dynamic makeovers to come!


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