Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Panties Are Lovely

I was sitting in our car with Griffin and Nora.  We were parked on a side street near Nolan's school waiting until his school dismissed for the day.  We had the windows down to let in the breeze on such a hot day. 

As I sat reading my Sunday school lesson for the week (about holiness), I noticed another mom walking up the street toward us (toward the school).  She stopped in the yard near our car.

There was an elderly woman in the yard pruning her bushes.  The mom walked up to the elderly woman and loudly exclaimed, "YOUR PANTIES ARE LOVELY!"

"What?" the elderly woman asked, astonished.

"Your peonies are lovely!" the mom repeated.

The two women discussed the early-blooming bush, and I giggled like crazy in my car.

Apparently, the elderly woman and I had both misunderstood.

The kids and I walked up to the school and got Nolan.  When we walked back to the car, the elderly woman stopped me.  She thought I was the mom who had stopped to compliment her panties/peonies. She asked me if I wanted her to cut me one.  I gladly accepted her offer.

I turned my attention to getting the kids buckled in the car, and I was amazed when I turned around to see her holding a gigantic gorgeous flower.  She called it something other than a peony (piney something?).  The kids and I marveled at this spectacular flower.  The kids took turns holding it on the drive home.

I got a quick picture of Nora with the flower before it eventually wilted from the heat in the car.

We were just driving to Nolan's school to get a parking spot and wait for him to get out, just like we do five days a week.  I had no idea that this day would turn into something so hilarious and surprising.


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  1. Every part of this story reminds me a little of Grandma. :) Thanks for making me giggle!