Thursday, May 16, 2013

Boys/Girls Milestone

We have reached a lesser known milestone in our house.  The kids put up signs on their doors:

Nora asked Nolan to make the sign for her door.

The door signs actually started with Griffin making this one:

Warning no glass in room

At first I was confused.  Griffin said he didn't want anyone to bring anything glass in his room because they might drop it and it would break in his room.  Then I remembered that the day before, Griffin had accidentally knocked his piggy bank off his dresser, and it broke into tiny bits all over his floor.  I was sad because it was a little monkey bank that I bought when Griffin was pretty little.

I guess Griffin didn't want to relive that experience of tiny sharp pieces on his floor.

When Griffin put up his sign, Nolan decided to make the "No Girls Allowed" sign.  He explained to Nora that girls can't come in the boys' room or else they'll DIE!  He yelled the word die, which startled Nora and made her scream.  Her scream made the boys laugh super hard in a way that makes anyone within earshot laugh.

Hence, she wanted a "No Boys Allowed" sign with a picture of a boy dying.  Awesome.

Before the kids had to get in bed, Griffin quickly added one more sign:

Griffin told me, "Mom, this sign says 'Boys rock.'  When people come to my room, they'll see that I'm a boy so they'll think that I rock."

The next day, Nolan and Griffin each added another sign.

Nolan's:  Girls drool boys rule!

Griffin's:  Girls stink boys rule

I love these kids.  I love random moments of giggling kids on a mission to tell the world something scribbled in marker on construction paper.  I love my kids interacting the way I think siblings should, rather than the usual bickering.  Now we'll see how long the construction paper signs are enforced.


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  1. My kids are doing the same thing. They love to make signs and hang them around the house. Since we had the walls repainted we have had to tighten up on the sign making. It must be an age thing.