Friday, May 24, 2013

In My Spare Time

Now that we survived Jared's two-week trip around the world and enjoyed Nolan's birthday party, it's time to turn my attention to vacation preparations.  And then there's also the small matter of the largest cupcake order I've ever accepted.

Griffin is finished with school, but Nolan is still going and Nora still has TLC on Wednesday mornings.  So this week, Griffin and I spent Wednesday morning together.  It was a rare treat of alone time with Griffin.  We had a blast!

We ran lots of errands and made lots of little purchases for vacation.  He was great company and very cooperative with everything I wanted to accomplish.  I feel much better now that I've started gathering stuff we need for vacation, and I also really enjoyed time alone with my middle child.

Among other things, we purchased little travel pillows for the kids to use in the car (and also at the vacation condo).

We couldn't find pillow cases for these pillows.  Because something in my brain is broken, I decided I'd just make pillow cases.  You know, in all my spare time.

So I did make pillow cases last night after the kids were in bed (and finished this morning).

Nolan's is made of robot fabric left over from the boys' Christmas pants from two years ago.  Griffin's is made of monkey fabric left over from last year's Christmas pants.  Nora's is made of pink polka dot fabric that I'm sure is left over from something, but I can't remember what. 

Those pillow cases were just a side job.  Most of my "free time" has gone toward the decorations for the graduation cupcakes.  The party is on Monday, so I'll be baking the actual cupcakes this weekend.  The fondant decorations need to be made ahead of time so they can dry and hold their shape.  I've spent days working on various components of the decorations.  Here's a sneak peek:

The rings and squares will be joined together to be graduation caps (and I'll add tassels).  The gray circles and red scalloped circles will get the graduates' initials piped on with white icing.  The white rolled up shapes will be diplomas with red fondant ribbons wrapped around and finished with the tiny red bows.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of the finished products to show you next week.

I hope you're enjoying whatever free time you have!


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