Sunday, May 5, 2013

Number Four

Well, I spent the last of my three snail dollars.  It went to a good cause.

I gave it to the Tooth Fairy to pay Nolan because he lost his fourth tooth!  I can't believe how quickly he went from pouting about being one of the only kids who hadn't lost a tooth to being this super cute boy with a giant hole in the front of his mouth. 

We took a picture to send to Jared, who was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean when Nolan pulled out his tooth.

Nolan pulled his tooth out right after waking up this morning, so I love that his little face still looks sleepy.

I tried to get a picture to show his four missing teeth.

Nolan wrote another note to go with his tooth under his pillow:

Dear Tooth Fariy [Fairy], I have lost my 4th tooth and it came out this morning and I have some qustins [questions] for you.  Do you go to church.  Do you know Jesus.  What are your mom and dad's name.  Love, Nolan {He drew a smiley face that says "the tooth fariy roks!"}

Normally, Jared and I collaborate on the response letters.  I was nervous writing this one on my own.  I just tried to think of what Jared might write.

For the parents' names, I made myself chuckle.  Did you get it?  Pearl, like pearly whites.  And Dennis kinda sounds like dentist.  This is what happens when I am up late alone trying to be creative.

Now I giggle whenever Nolan talks to me, and I really get a kick out of watching him try to eat.  He's a great sport about all of it, and today he kept saying sentences with lots of "s" sounds to poke fun at himself for not being able to talk correctly. 

I love that he's missing both top front teeth at once.  This is a brief period of childhood that will pass quickly, and he'll soon look much older with his new adult teeth.  The giant hole in his mouth is just another reminder to me to savor each day of him being young.


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