Friday, May 4, 2012

Red Letter Words

I had a little time to browse some craft blogs tonight and get inspired.  I was on The House of Smiths and saw a link to a site called Red Letter Words

There are lots of really great finds on this site!  Here are my favorites:

So many great reminders that are so pertinent to all that's going on in my world!  Just wanted to share in case any of these, or any of the other amazing products offered on this site, are encouraging to you.



  1. Wouldn't you know... I bought Traci one of these for a birthday. It was marketed under the "Urban Soul" line that she does.. I'm so glad to have the site and see all the work. LOVE! :)

    Ps- We had a great time with you guys yesterday. THANK YOU!

  2. oh, and I should have said - the one I got for Trace was one of your "favorites": We must choose Hope over fear. :)