Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Birthday Party

I feel the need to write a little disclaimer about my birthday and party:  I am a little afraid of highlighting some gifts and acts and accidentally leaving some out.  I am so grateful for all of the kind words, cards, gifts, and all of the time/thought/energy/money that went into my super duper amazing party.  I am trying to just give highlights on my blog as even those will make for a long post.  So, if I don't mention something you did for me or gave to me, please know that it is still greatly appreciated.  Whew!  I feel better. 

For my 30th birthday party, I made a few requests known to my husband:
  • No surprise party!
  • Party guest list as small as possible (I get overwhelmed with large crowds, especially when it's worlds colliding...watch Seinfeld if you don't know that reference.)
  • No big presentations where lots of people are staring at me
  • Delicious food to enjoy after months of dieting
These were all guidelines that Jared and I talked about months ago as he and I both approached our 30th birthdays (he had guidelines for his own celebration in February as well).  

So then my hubby and my sister Kristi started exchanging secret phone calls, emails, and texts.  They brainstormed about all of my favorite things and how to incorporate them into the details of the party.  And they made fun of each other (because Jared is really tall and Kristi is fairly short), which makes me laugh like nothing else can.  {I got to read all their exchanges after the party.  They cracked me up!}

Jared and Kristi eventually enlisted help from a few friends and family members to pull together a party that reflected me and all my favorite things.  They knew that I would enjoy and appreciate all the details.  

It.  Was.  Unbelievable.

They told me the date and time of the party.  That was it.  I tried every trick I knew, but I couldn't squeeze one more detail out of anybody.

For the location, they chose an obscure place that I didn't know existed (good choice because I could never guess it!).  It's called Proven Grounds Farm.  They rented a building that is usually used for wedding receptions and parties.

The inside had charming exposed brick, pretty twinkly lights, and beautiful white tables that were perfectly decorated.

Each table had a collection of things I love:  ranunculus, milk glass, mason jars (BLUE mason jars!), tulle/yarn/buttons, vintage handkerchiefs, scrapbook paper, books & magazines, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Pretzel M&Ms.  In addition to all those wonderful things, my sister had secretly taken pictures of my kids (remember that she's a super gifted photographer), and the pictures were in all the centerpieces.  How cool!

The pictures were also hanging on this adorable twine clothesline with old-school clothespins.

Guests at the party wrote one word to describe me on the back of each clothespin, and I got to take them home in a beautiful glass vase (that I forgot to take a picture of).  The vase is etched with my initials on one side and "Happy 30th Birthday" on the other side.  

I have this habit of making cupcakes for, well, any occasion possible.  So for the dessert at the party, there was a whole gorgeous table of cupcakes!  They were set up on cake plates (also on my list of favorite things).  My sister made adorable layered scrapbook paper circles with beautifully handwritten labels for all the cupcake flavors.  Yummm!

My friend Lisa also baked adorable little chocolate chip cookies (in mini muffin tins) with pretty frosting swirls in the middle.

The cupcake table was also decorated with more scrapbook paper circles strung on pretty ribbon.

And did you see the marshmallow garland hanging above the dessert table?  How cool is that!

There was also a coffee bar.  {Mmmm.  I love coffee.}  There were different flavors of coffee as well as various flavors of creams.  And more beautiful handmade labels for all the flavors. 

I had some with mocha cream (mocha is my favorite coffee drink) and some with hazelnut cream.  So good!

Ok, are you ready for my first ever photo appearance on my own blog?

Here I am checking out the dessert table:

The yellow dress with my fabric covered shoes:

Checking out the coffee bar:

I chose a S'mores cupcake for my dessert.

When people sing "Happy Birthday" to me, I feel a strange mixture of awkwardness and gratitude.

Nora came to help me blow out my candle.

My brother wrote and performed a song about me.  It was to the tune of "I'll Be There For You," the theme song of Friends (one of my favorite shows).  You can watch a video of his song here.  It made me laugh lots, and it was also incredibly sweet and very creative.

My nephew Gracen stepped in as the music stand. :)

Flipping through my book filled with people's favorite memories of me as well as coupons people gave me (for a free dinner delivered, a movie, cleaning, hair color and cut, etc.):




Me, my brother Erik, and my sister Kristi:

My happy little family:

See what I mean when I say I'm richly blessed?


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  1. You are SO BEAUTIFUL! It makes me so happy to see all the little details that went into making that party a reflection of how LOVED you are! Awesome job to the planning committee. :) Your dress (and shoes --you are too good!) were just perfect on you. I just know God was smiling like crazy watching His daughter get doted on to celebrate her special day. YAY for 30! :)