Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Girl Bed

This weekend marked a momentous occasion in our household.  We moved our daughter, our final baby, from her crib to a big bed.

I'm not gonna lie; it was a little hard on this Mama.  

This means there are no more little babies in our house (which has its upside but is also sad).  Plus Nora's crib was super special because it was handmade by my dad.  He put his blood, sweat, and tears into it.  {Literally.  He cut the end of his finger off while making the crib.}  It's now an heirloom, and we look forward to our grandbabies eventually sleeping in it.  But it breaks my heart to put it away in our attic for years.

One thing that helps soften the blow of putting the crib into storage:  my dad made me a cutting board using leftover wood from the crib and gave it to me for my birthday.  Isn't it beautiful?

We had been given a twin bed frame several months ago from a family member who was moving and no longer needed it.  I love that it's white and that it has drawers under it.  We do want to buy prettier knobs for the drawers though. 
I wanted to use the quilt my stepmom made for Nora using some of my favorite fabrics.  So I took the kids shopping so we could buy sheets, a mattress protector, and a pillow.  Nora was so excited!  She loved the shopping.  She asked me in her super high-pitched voice if she could have a pink pillow.  I talked her down to just a regular pillow with her pillowcase that matches her sheets.  

There was a bit of drama during the process of removing the crib and squeezing the twin frame through our narrow hallway (scraping paint off of two walls in the process).  The kids were very interested in everything we were doing.  They especially loved playing with her crib mattress out in the living room.  I snapped a quick photo of Nolan reading to Nora as they lounged on the mattress.  Nora insisted on wearing those boots with her shorts and tank top.

 I had fun putting the sheets and quilt on Nora's bed and making it all cozy for her.  

Nora was super duper thrilled with her big girl bed!  Her first time sleeping in it was naptime on Saturday.  She "read" a book until she fell asleep with the book on her chest and her feet on the wall.  It was pretty darn cute.

I'll leave you with pictures of Nora's treasured crib being used over the last two years.

 First time it was set up

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  1. I can't believe she is out of her crib! So many great memories. Thanks for putting this together with all the pictures. I love our precious little girl. At least now she looks like a tiny again being in a full size bed!