Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Teacher Christmas Gifts

I already wrote about the gifts I put together for my kids' school teachers (read here if you missed it).  If you have kids, then I'm sure you understand how the gift-giving expands beyond the everyday teachers to other people who have some impact on your kiddos. 

Next I want to show you the gifts I put together for Nora's dance teacher, the boys' school secretary, and the school nurse.  Nora absolutely loves her dance class, which includes tap, ballet, and tumbling.  The boys' school secretary is a phenomenal woman who always greets people with a smile and does so much to keep the school running smoothly.  The school nurse has been amazing this year as Nolan has had so many health issues and has been in her office sometimes on a daily basis.  I wish I could spend tons of money on these under-appreciated school employees!

For these lovely ladies, I was inspired by Pinterest (of course).  I started by purchasing fuzzy socks, good lotion, and nail polish for each woman. 

I laid these items on some decorative cellophane gift wrap, gathered the gift wrap, and tied a ribbon around the top.

I repeated the process for the other two gifts.  And, yes, I did obsess over what nail polish colors to buy for each recipient.  I actually fell in love with one shade and bought it for each woman.  Then I added a second polish for each recipient based on what I thought they would like best.  Hey, the nail polishes were on sale and were also buy 2 get 1 free!

Are you ready for my favorite part?? 

I printed cards from Ivy In The Bay that say "For Your Mistle Toes."  How cute is that?!

The original printable cards had cute little snowflakes under "Mistle Toes."  For some unknown reason, mine printed with "C" letters instead of snowflakes.  Seriously, I have no idea what's happening here.  It looked normal on my screen and came out of my printer with random C's.

Have no fear.  I found a solution.

I used adhesive-backed rhinestones to cover the C's.

All better.

I hole-punched the upper left corner of the folded cards and wrote notes to the recipients inside.  Then I tied the cards onto the gifts using the ribbons already on the gifts.

The last step (which could have been skipped) was plopping these completed gifts into gift bags to conceal their contents.

Next up, I'll show you what happened when I remembered that Nora's dance teacher has two assistants, and I needed a little something for them.  See?  I told you I have trouble drawing gift-giving boundaries.


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