Sunday, December 21, 2014


Each of my kids have written a letter of sorts this week.  Since they warmed my heart, I thought I'd share them with you.

First up:  Nora.

The boys made Christmas cards for kids at St. Jude, and Nora copied the words from one of the cards.  She made a note for me while I was sick. 

I hope you feel better soon!

That's a keeper.

Next up:  Griffin.

Griffin lost a tooth on Friday.  It had been wiggly for a very long time, and it was painful when he ate.  So we were all very happy for him when he finally pulled it out.

Griffin disappeared for a few minutes and then came upstairs carrying a letter to the Tooth Fairy that he had created in Microsoft Word on our computer (including clip art) and printed all by himself.

He left the letter and tooth under his pillow that night.  He was highly disappointed Saturday morning when he awoke to find just a dollar under his pillow.  He was hoping for a letter from the Tooth Fairy in response to his letter.  Little does he know just how lucky he was that she remembered his dollar.

Last but not least:  Nolan.

This'll get your heart all warm and fuzzy with Christmas cheer.

All the kids in Nolan's class had to write a letter to Santa and create a construction paper Santa to go with the letter.  These were just for decoration.  Nolan's letter made me melt.

Since Nolan's handwriting leaves a little something to be desired, I'll tell you what his letter says:
I want my cousins house to sell so they don't have to pay a lot of money.  I would love for my brother to have a great 7th year of life.  Please can you make my stomach to get better so I can eat all foods.  I hope you make my mom's stomach to get better too.  I want Nora to have a great 5th year of life.  Love, Nolan
Seriously amazing.  I think I'll keep this letter forever.

As I marvel at my growing babies and each little thing that they learn and accomplish, I am super pumped for extra family time over Christmas break.  This weekend has already been a great kick off for us.  I accomplished so much as the kids played wild and crazy games with Jared.  My gifts are finally ALL bought/made and wrapped.  I have a plan for making all foods for all the events of the week.  Everything is organized and managed.

There's nothing left to do but enjoy the season, and I'm feeling the excitement of Christmas!!


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