Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Students

Over the last few posts, I've shown you the gifts I made for various teachers and administrators in our world.  My kids also needed gifts for their classmates.

Griffin's teacher just asked each child to bring in $2 to purchase an activity book and pencil from her collection, and they'll give those to a classmate at their party.  Nolan's teacher asked that each student bring in a small gift for each student in their class (19 kids total).  Nora had to bring in some sort of gift or treat for every girl in her dance class.

I'll start with Nora's gifts.

Since her class is all 4-year-old girls who dressed up as princesses for Halloween, we started by purchasing princess lip balms.  We found 8-packs of them at Target and picked up two of those.  I let Nora choose a bag of Christmas candy, and she chose a mixed bag of Snickers, Milkyway, and Twix.  I bought treat bags from Walmart.

Nora helped me put one lip balm and two candies in each bag.  I rolled the tops of the bags down and put the adhesive-backed bag toppers on the bags.

I wrote "Merry Christmas! from" on the backs and had Nora sign her name.

These made neat little packages to hand out at her dance Christmas party, and I think they were a hit.

I decided to let myself off the hook for Nolan's class and just buy gifts.  He has 19 total kids in his class, including Nolan, so I bought a package of 18 little mazes at Target and called it done.

When I told him there aren't enough for him to have one, he made a face at me.  But then I reminded him that he'll be bringing home holiday pencils, stickers, candies, and other random crap toys.  He got over it.

A few more items checked off my Christmas gift list!


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