Monday, December 15, 2014

Extra Teacher Gifts

I already showed you the first batch of gifts I made for the boys' school teachers and the second batch of gifts I made for the school secretary, school nurse, and Nora's dance teacher. 

Today I want to show you what I made for the dance teacher's assistants.  I didn't want to spend much money but wanted to give them some sort of gift to show appreciation and wish them Merry Christmas.

I saw multiple versions of "Hand Santa-tizer" on Pinterest, so I'm not even sure who deserves credit for this idea.  I'll show you my version.

I went to Walgreen's and bought two hand sanitizers for each assistant, one with aloe and one apple scented.  These were $0.99 each.

I left the labels on the apple scented ones and wrapped them with a piece of red paper, overlapping the ends on the back side and securing with glue. 

I used scalloped scissors to cut two strips of white paper and glued them to the fronts of each sanitizer.

I cut a strip of black paper and wrapped it around like a belt.

I wanted something gold for the belt buckle, and I remembered that I have some gold washi tape that I found on clearance awhile back.  I cut a small square of the tape and used my craft knife (like a scalpel) to cut a square out of the center.  Then I applied it over the belt.

While I was getting my gold tape, I came across some red polka dot tape.  I decided to use that to cover the other sanitizers.  For these (the aloe sanitizers), I peeled off the labels from the bottles first because my tape is slightly translucent.  Then I carefully wrapped one strip of tape around the top of the bottle.  Then I lined up the next row of tape under that, and I continued until the bottle was covered.

I typed up a little something and printed it on cardstock to make little tags for the Santa bottles.

Each assistant received one Santa-tizer and one polka dotted sanitizer.  I put them in gift bags and added some Christmas candy and cards made by Nora.

Since I had all the paper scraps left over from previous projects and already had the decorative tapes, these gifts only cost me $0.99 per hand sanitizer plus the cost of the candy.  I'm sure I'll be making more of these next year!


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