Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Highlights

This has been a gross week.

Here are just a few samples:
  • Wednesday night a man at church was walking toward me with his hand covering most of his face.  As I watched him and tried to figure out if he was okay, he began to cough.  Vomit sprayed out between his fingers, covering his shirt, the walls, and the carpet.  There was no one else around, and I had to try to figure out how to help him.
  • The world's largest moth got into our house (I don't do well with any type of bug, and this sucker was roughly the size of a bluejay).  The resulting scene was reminiscent of John Candy's bat scene in the movie "The Great Outdoors."
  • Last night as I was heading out the door to Bible Study, one of our toilets overflowed.  And kept overflowing.  Over an inch of water covered the entire bathroom floor as I tried to figure out how to make it stop and then how to clean it all up.
  • Today the boys got out of school at 11:40, so we met Jared at Steak & Shake over his lunch break.  While our waitress was cleaning the table next to us, she dropped an entire bin full of used dishes onto the floor right next to my feet.  All the dishes shattered, and Nora and I both got sprayed with other people's leftover drinks.  Nora bawled because of the loud noise and the sudden wetness.  In case you're wondering, no they didn't even give us a discount on our meal.  The waitress gave us a pile of napkins and mopped around my feet without even uttering an "excuse me."
Oh, and I forgot to mention that Jared was gone all week until late last night.  I had to face most of the grossness alone.

Rather than leave you with those disgusting visuals, I'll pass along some of the hilarious and cute quotes from my kids this week.
  •  Nolan made me laugh, and I told him he is a super funny kid.  He replied, "Mom, please. I'm a man.  I'm always hilarious."
  • When we left church Wednesday night, Nora looked up and spotted the moon.  She exclaimed, "Mom, the moon!  It's a present moon!" (She meant crescent moon.)
  • Nora said she needed to put her dirty clothes in her hamster.  (She meant hamper.)
  • After school on Monday, Griffin said, "I think Willow has a crush on me.  She's been trying to get me to help her." (I had no idea that he knew what a crush was.)
  • Griffin continued his discussion of Willow by saying, "She asked me to marry her.  Even though I  didn't want to, I didn't want her to be upset so I tricked her and said yes."
  • One afternoon when Griffin was getting ready to read me his homework book, he said, "Mom, wanna see this picture in my book?  We'll just take a book walk until we get to that page."
  • I was explaining to Griffin that next Wednesday night his church class will be going into the sanctuary to participate in a ceremony on stage (for their church scouting program).  His response was, "Is it boring in the sanctuary?"
Have a great weekend!


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