Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We have had a fun Halloween, despite some crummy weather.

We had "Trick or Trunking" at church Sunday night, and both boys had a Halloween parade today followed by parties in their classes.  I was in charge of organizing Nolan's class party, so I am relieved that it's over and went well!  Nora had her Halloween parade yesterday morning at TLC.

Here are the kids right before we went out trick-or-treating in our {new!} neighborhood tonight:

Nora wanted to be a ballerina, so I bought a black leotard and black tights that she can actually use for ballet class.  I was going to make her a tutu, but we found this one at a garage sale for $3.  Nora loved it, and I couldn't have made one for cheaper than $3.

Griffin wanted to be a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern.  A friend gave us a pumpkin costume, but it was too short/small for Griffin.  I was all prepared to make him a costume, but he was perfectly satisfied with this men's t-shirt from Target.  He didn't even want me to add stuffing or anything.  Nolan let Griffin borrow his orange hooded sweatshirt to wear under his costume shirt.

Nolan wanted to be Hulk, and I found his costume online for $20.  I bought a size up so he can continue to wear it at home for play (and he could wear clothes under it at school and to stay warm).  Nolan loves the costumes with the muscles sewn in.  We already had the Hulk hands in our toy box.

I was much more laid back this year.  I didn't do any major work for anyone's costumes, and all the kids loved what they wore.  Everyone was happy.

I snapped a few pictures as we walked our new neighborhood in the nasty rain this evening.  They're just pictures from my phone, so I make no guarantees about the quality.

Nora shared her umbrella with Nolan.

We had to manage costumes, candy bags, and umbrellas.  The kids did amazingly well.  This moment cracked me up because Jared was trying to cover Nolan with his umbrella (since Nolan was wearing Hulk hands), and he covered himself with Nora's umbrella.  Nora was nestled under my umbrella with me, and Griffin is that Thomas the Train umbrella blur.

We were SOAKED by the time we got back home!  Nora's hair got a little curlier with each house we passed (thanks to the rain).

Seriously, her curls make me happy!

Now we are all slumping into a sugar coma (I may have confiscated all Twix from the candy bags).  I hope your Halloween was fun--and dry!


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