Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Headaches and Kindness

Dear Lord, thank you that I don't have a headache right this minute.

I actually prayed that prayer today.  I've been battling a whopper of a headache for more than 3 days.  At times I felt barely functional.  And my stomach forgot that it's been under control for months, and it's been acting like it did last year (pain and nausea).

Sometimes little annoyances and inconveniences can serve as a reminder to be thankful for not having them once they're gone.

In addition to being thankful that I was able to eat lunch today, I've also had the privilege of witnessing some kindness. 

Wednesday mornings are when I run most of my errands because the boys are at school and Nora is at her Wednesday morning preschool program at a local church.  "Running errands" doesn't usually go hand-in-hand with experiencing kindness.  Usually, there are cranky sales clerks, rude shoppers, and annoying drivers.

Those usual folks showed up here and there this morning, but I also happened to notice a couple people who went out of their way to be kind.

At Walmart, there was an elderly woman maneuvering very slowly in front of me.  She happened upon a Walmart employee and asked her a question.  I moved on with my shopping but later noticed the employee slowly moving alongside the elderly shopper, helping her find exactly what she needed.  Most workers would have given mumbled directions and walked off.  This woman stuck with the shopper and blessed both her and me as an onlooker.

It was raining when I picked up Nora, which wasn't a big deal to me since Nora and I had jackets.  However, there was another mother there who had multiple little kids with her, and her hands were more than full.  I noticed a man who works at the nearby funeral home walking with her holding an umbrella over her and her children as they crossed the street and walked (at the pace of little kiddos) to their car.

How awesome to see people putting someone else's needs before their own.  

I had my camera with me so I could take pictures of my little ballerina at her Halloween parade this morning:

After the parade and after the errands and kindness, I ran home to get a quick lunch.  There are a couple of trees near the boys' school (a couple blocks from our house) that catch my eye every single day.  They're just so pretty.  Fall is my favorite season, and I just love to watch the trees change colors.

Since I had my camera in the car, I pulled over and rolled down my window (despite the rain) so I could snap a couple quick pictures of the gorgeous trees.  These aren't exactly frame-quality, but at least I got to capture the gorgeous color.  Just another little blessing in my day.

Here's to celebrating the little blessings in an ordinary day!


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