Monday, September 9, 2013

Two New Members

I would like you to meet the two newest members of my family:

Yes, they are a washer and a dryer.  They may be simple appliances, but we worked hard and waited a long time for these babies.

We were in the house one month before these appliances were finally delivered.  We had ordered them before we closed on the house.  When our closing date was moved up, we knew we would have a short period of time without a washer, dryer, and refrigerator.  However, the company through which we ordered the appliances kept changing the shipping date and stringing us along.  Suffice it to say it's been a very frustrating process.

We had to make weekly trips to the laundromat.  It wasn't terrible until the day that I was folding our clean laundry and found someone else's dog hair.

I saved up our dirty laundry from that point forward until we got our own washer and dryer.

So, this may be the only time that I've ever felt really excited about laundry.   

After Jared got the new appliances properly hooked up, I nervously started the first load of laundry.  I started with some towels, just in case something went wrong.

Everything worked perfectly!

After the towels were safely cleaned and dried, I was able to start tackling all the stockpiled dirty laundry. 

The excitement wore off somewhere around the fourth load of laundry.

So now laundry is just laundry again.  But I'm reminded to be thankful for small luxuries like being able to give my kids clean clothes...without other people's pet hair.


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