Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How Moms Have Fun

Today was the first day of TLC, the Wednesday morning church preschool program that Nora attends.

She really didn't want to take any pictures, but I managed a couple.

Today's TLC session was a little shorter than usual, but I still had about 2.5 hours to myself.  Two and a half hours to myself!

I decided to do a little shopping.

First, I browsed for clothes at Kohl's.  Clothes for me.  It was Jared's idea, and I didn't have much trouble going along with it.

Since I lost 55 pounds, I got rid of lots of my old clothes.  However, I still try to make due with some of the shirts that are only a size or so too big.  Then I have a couple of cheap shirts that I picked up at Walmart and Kmart on the days when I just couldn't stand wearing ill-fitting shirts anymore.

Today, I wanted something pretty.  I don't keep up with fashion very well, but I have heard repeatedly that emerald green is the "it" color for fall.  While I may not know exactly what shade of green that is, I hit the racks at Kohl's looking for something green.

I found this shirt on clearance:

I loved the color and shape.  The fabric is super soft.  I like the little bit of detailing on the sleeves and seam on the back.  I did not like the beading on the front.

This is where is pays to have basic sewing tools.  Plus I'm not afraid to make alterations to my clothing.

I simply used my seam ripper to cut and remove the threads holding the beads.  I worked slowly and carefully so I wouldn't cut anything other than the threads that held the beads.

After I removed all of the beads, there were still rows of stitching in that triangle on the shirt.  They were machine stitched on the shirt under the area where the beads were attached with different threads.  I thought they added a little interest, so I left them.

I considered adding a different embellishment (lace?) in lieu of the beads, but I'm just gonna leave it as is for now.  Here's my new shirt:

Now I have some random beads.  The craft hoarder in me doesn't want to throw them away.  The rational person in me doesn't know what to make with them.

After my shopping adventure was over, I had enough time to run over to the nearby Ulta.  I recently went to Ulta for the first time with some girlfriends, and now I'm addicted.

I saw some beautiful navy blue nail polish on Pinterest the other day, so I wanted to see what I could find.  Remember, I'm trying to find a couple small ways to be the slightest bit stylish.  A new nail color is easy and low commitment.

After inspecting every bottle of blue nail polish (did you know there are lots?), I decided on "Yoga-ta Get This Blue" by OPI.

I also picked up some matte top coat (also OPI).

Here's what the navy blue nail polish looked like by itself (2 coats):

And here's what it looks like with the matte topcoat:

A new green top and navy blue nails:  that's how this mom finds a little fun in life.

I wonder what I'll do next Wednesday!


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  1. Yay for a morning just for you! So proud of you for treating yourself. I found two shirts and a dress at Target today that I want very badly. Not to be confused with Vera Bradley. Not funny? Anyway, I talked myself out of them, after carrying them for a few aisles, and after seeing your treats, I want them back, draped over my arm. You may have inspired me to go back and treat myself. I'll let you know.