Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spy Leader 2

Kindergarten was a rough adjustment for Nolan (and me).  First grade was much better, but I'd say Nolan tolerated school.  He behaved well and thrived academically, but he didn't love school.

This year Nolan is in second grade, and he is attending a new school.  I wasn't sure how this would go.

Wanna know Nolan's word to describe school this year?  "Awesome."  As his mom, I think that's pretty awesome.

Nolan has a super fantastic teacher.  We love the principal at the new school.  And Nolan quickly started making friends.  All of these things are humongous answers to our desperate prayers.

I absolutely love hearing the boys tell me about their day at school, and I especially love when they talk about the new friends they're making. 

Last week Nolan emptied his backpack after school and handed me the usual stack of graded homework and papers from the teacher.

Then he handed me another paper.  It was something a new friend had made him.

Nolan and this boy have nicknamed themselves Spy Leader 1 and Spy Leader 2.  They make up adventures during recess.  And Spy Leader 1 has pledged to always be Nolan's friend.

That, my friends, is pretty awesome.


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