Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Since we moved into our new house, Mondays have been my cleaning days.  After I get the boys off to school, I get busy wiping, dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. 

As of this week, Mondays have a new purpose.

Monday mornings are for Nora's ballet class! 

This is the first time Nora has taken any sort of dance/gymnastics class.  I was looking for a class during the day while the boys are at school, and a friend recommended this studio to me.  The first class went really well!  There was a glass wall separating the dance studio from the parent waiting room.  I took 50 or so pictures through the glass. :)

She kept waving to me :)

It was hard to get decent pictures because of the sun shining in and reflecting off the glass wall.  That didn't stop me from using my phone to take loads of pictures and videos.  I think I smiled the entire 45 minutes of her class!

Here are some pictures I took at home before we left for class:

I told you I took lots of pictures!  This was a super fun milestone since Nora is my only girl and I can remember taking dance classes when I was little. 

Nora loved wearing her "ballet dress" but didn't love the tights.  She's still deciding how she feels about the ballet shoes.  I just hope she keeps loving the class. 

You can bet that I'll be grinning every Monday morning...especially since I won't be cleaning!


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