Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation Pictures--Beach & Pool

I finally finished editing my vacation pictures.  There are LOTS so I decided to share them in categories. 

Here are our pictures from the beach and pool.

There were tons of rays (manna rays?) in the water.


Nolan (a.k.a. Toothless Wonder)


I loved her face here as she was busy bringing water from the ocean to add to the sand.

Buried in the sand

Nolan and Gracen buried in the sand

Kites!  Yes, I let Griffin choose a SpongeBob kite even though I loathe SpongeBob.

Nolan and his Spiderman kite

Nora and her Barbie kite

Nolan loved digging up these little guys in the sand and feeling them move.

I love their smiles.

Daddy and daughter

She put her goggles on herself.

Ready for anything in the pool

Wearing their cool new shades riding the elevator down to the pool

Evidence that I was on this vacation too--Jared got behind the camera on the last day

Me and my girl

This was one of my very favorite parts of vacation.  My sister talked me into going out in the water to boogie board.  Then my cousin joined us.  It. was.  AWESOME!

Nolan said they could hear me laughing all the way up on the beach.

We found a different kind of crab on the last day.  This one was Griffin's little buddy.

Listening for the ocean

Lots more pictures to come!



  1. All of those rays in the ocean is amazing! I've never seen anything like that on a populated beach - so cool! The pics of the kids are perfect and I love Nora's goggles upside down (Dakota does that too). Glad you let Jared behind the camera - you have worked so hard and you look amazing!!

  2. I am feeling happy and sad all at the same time! Also, I really need to get myself in gear. I haven't edited a single vacation photo.