Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Fix Broken Blush

Friday morning I was putting on my makeup, and I accidentally dropped my blush.

Dropping (and therefore breaking) my makeup is one of those things that makes me stand there dumbfounded, wishing I had a time machine to go back and undo.

This is what my blush looked like after the fatal fall:

In case you're wondering why there's a heart, it's because my blush originally looked like this:

Lucky for me, I remembered something I saw on Pinterest the other day:  How To Fix Your Broken Powder Makeup.

I pulled out our bottle of isopropyl alcohol that we've had for a lifetime (does anyone ever use an entire bottle?).

I ended up mixing in about a capful of alcohol to the pieces of broken blush so I could mash them all together.

Here's my salvaged blush:

After drying overnight, it's ready to go!


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