Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mimosa In Bloom

Our Mimosa tree is finally in full bloom.  It makes my heart happy!

The tree is covered in these little pink puff balls.

The power lines really add to the beauty, right?

I can't believe how much this tree has grown since we bought the house nine years ago.  I suppose it's time to trim it a bit.

At night the little leaflets close up.  They open up again in the sunlight of the next morning.  It's so cool.

The leaves do the same thing during a storm, and we've had several storms this week.  I waited for the rain to let up, and then I ran out and took a few pictures.

The storm knocked lots of the little blooms off, and they were like confetti in our back yard.

One thing I can't show you is the amazing smell.  These cheery little pink puff balls fill our back yard with a sweet floral aroma. 

I'm a total sucker for this blooming tree.  It makes me all nostalgic about when we bought our house.  We're hoping it'll hook some other poor sap as we try to sell our house.  :)


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  1. We have these trees in Texas, but I have never seen one so big! It is beautiful.