Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family (Vacation) Pictures

We always take pictures of all the family gathered together on vacation.  Then we do pictures of each individual family.

Included in our big family vacation:
  • Me, my husband Jared, and our kids Nolan (7), Griffin (5), and Nora (3)
  • My sister Kristi (the bossiest oldest), her husband Dave, and their kids Gracen (13) and Layla (10)
  • My brother Erik (between Kristi and me in birth order), his wife Bree, and their kids Josie (5) and Charlie (3)
  • Our cousin Elizabeth (between Kristi and Erik in age), her husband Charlie, and their kids Jacob (8), Alex (5), and Lauren (3)
Our cousin Elizabeth (read her blog here) lives in Texas, so we cherish these vacations as rare opportunities to spend quality time with her and her family.  We do these big family vacations every two years.  They are reminiscent of when we were growing up and our grandparents would take us 4 oldest grandchildren on vacations.

Now that you're familiar with our cast of characters, enjoy our family pictures:

The whole family:  My sister and her family are on the left, then my brother and his family, then me and my family, and then our cousin and her family

All the kids--nearly impossible to get everyone looking and smiling at once!

My family

Kristi (the photographer) said everyone should kiss someone.  Hard to do with five people!

My babies

Mother & daughter

Me & my love

The girls:  Bree, Kristi, me, Elizabeth

We all got matching t-shirts for our vacation.  Bree designed them (with input from the family), and I LOVE them!  They are way better than overpaying for a souvenir t-shirt that will immediately shrink on the first wash.

My siblings (+ families)

Josie, Layla, Nora, Griffin, Nolan, Gracen, and Charlie

Yes, there are still more pictures to come. :)



  1. Thanks for editing and posting these awesome pictures! I set the background on my work computer to the non-kissing family picture :). Also, thanks for the link to Beth's blog! I am officially following it now.

  2. Great pics. Actually, seeing yours helps me to narrow down the good ones. Remember, my family was the uncooperative group this year. :)