Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Spotlight: Lil Blue Boo

I love to read craft blogs.  I get so inspired when I see what other people are making.  I have approximately 9,000 tutorials bookmarked as projects/techniques I would like to try.  I have another 3,000 blogs bookmarked as sites that I love to visit.

Lil Blue Boo is one of those bookmarked blogs.  

I have visited this site, run by the beautiful Ashley, many times over the last couple of years because she has fantastic tutorials and really cool projects.
Ashley, Lil Blue Boo Editor/Designer/DIYer

Last year proved to be an extremely tough year for Ashley.  She suffered a miscarriage, her father passed away unexpectedly, and then what she thought was another pregnancy turned out to be nasty uterus-eating cancer.  After she nearly died on the operating table while doctors performed an emergency hysterectomy, she had to jump right into chemotherapy.  

And in the midst of all that, do you know what her motto is?

That's right.  Her motto is "Choose Joy."  Click here to read her awesome post about choosing joy.

I have spent hours reading Ashley's incredible posts on Lil Blue Boo.  I get that super-concentration look on my face (and occasionally tear up), and my husband will say, "You're on that cancer blog, aren't you?"  I always defensively reply, "Yes, and she would not appreciate you calling it that."

I encourage you to watch Ashley's Rite of Passage video.  But have a box of tissues nearby.  I full-out ugly cried when I watched it.  Not because she was sad.  Because she was so strong.

And while you're on Lil Blue Boo, check out some of her fantastic tutorials.  Ashley is one of those women who accomplishes so much in a single day that I can't figure out how it's even possible, even if she never slept.

Oh, and did I mention she has her own clothing line??  The spring line of Lil Blue Boo was just released.  I need this outfit for my daughter:
I hope you enjoy exploring Lil Blue Boo as much as I do!


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