Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kid Pictures

As I was figuring out how to get pictures from my phone onto my computer, I cracked up at some of the pictures I've taken of the kids recently.  Just for fun, I thought I'd share a random collection with you.

Griffin grocery shopping with me

Nora CRACKING UP at her own video made with the app Helium Booth (Lite).  Seriously, let your kids play it.
I tend to take lots of pictures of the kids sleeping to send to Jared when he's on a long business trip.  Some are so sweet, and some are just plain funny!

Griffin and Nora both fell asleep on the couch.  See the pictures below for more details. :)

Griffin was on top of the back of the couch!

Nora in my bed

Griffin in my bed

Nora likes to "read" books to get ready for sleep.


Sweet Griffy

This is looking down at Griffin on the couch.  He tucked his legs and head in his sleep t-shirt and fell asleep.

Nolan is in love with this blanket that my mom made him.  He ended up sleeping with it on his face!
Nolan fell asleep on my arm.  I love snuggling my babies.
Just thought you could use a smile.


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