Friday, January 9, 2015

Chia Seed Wrap

A friend of mine recently told me about some of the health benefits of chia seeds, and she gave me a container of the seeds to try.  At first, I consumed them the same way she did--by putting them in my water.  They absorb the water and become like tiny tapioca pearls. 

Lately I've developed a new obsession.  I started making wraps with peanut butter, chia seeds, and apple slices. 

Here's how I make them.

I like to use a small apple so I can use the whole thing.  I quarter the apple and remove the seeds.

Then I cut each quarter into three or four slices.

In case you're wondering, I don't use a cutting board.  I am well versed in the ways of using the least number of dishes possible.  It started in college and I never shook the habit.  I wash the apple, dry it with a paper towel, and cut it right on the paper towel.

After I slice the apple, I even wipe my knife on the corner of the paper towel and use the knife to spread the peanut butter.  Maybe a little ridiculous, I know. 

What were we talking about again?  Oh yes, the wrap.

So I've been using flour tortillas because that's what I have on hand.  Since they're kept in the fridge, I microwave one tortilla for 8 seconds to make it more pliable.  You could use wheat tortillas, low-carb tortillas, flat bread, etc.

I spread peanut butter on the bottom half of the tortilla.  You could use any nut butter you like.

I sprinkle chia seeds over the peanut butter.  You could measure out a tablespoon of seeds, but I don't want to dirty the tablespoon.

I lay the apple slices in a row over the chia seeds.  Resist the urge to make the row perfect.

I fold up the little end at the bottom of the wrap (currently on the right side in my pictures).

Then I fold up the short side.

Then I finish wrappin' it up.


Then I enjoy! 

The tortilla is chewy, the peanut butter is creamy, the apple is crisp, and the chia seeds are crunchy.  Yum!


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