Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Ugh, I'm a little blue today.  Nolan and Griffin started school, and Jared left for a work trip.  All of my boys left me at once!

I asked Nora if she would cheer me up if I start feeling sad without the boys.  She said, "Look on the bright side:  we can have [singing] giiirrrlll tiiiime!"  That girl cracks me up.  Where did she ever learn "look on the bright side"?

This was our first time ever having a tear-free first day of school.  Of course, I'm not counting what I did when I made it back to my car.

Nolan started 3rd grade and Griffin started 1st grade.  Crazy.

Here are my precious boys before school this morning:

Nolan chose a neon yellow/green lunch box, a black and orange backpack, and gray and orange school shoes.  He chose his new "Rocktopus" shirt for the first day of school.

Griffin chose a blue lunch box and blue backpack, and he wants to keep wearing last year's school shoes for as long as possible.  He also said he didn't need any new shirts, and I could pick his outfit for the first day of school.  I chose his "Just A Regular Genius" shirt.

"Mom, can we do a silly one?"

Me and my boys:

Finally, this may not be the most flattering shot for me, but you can see why I love it:

Happy new school year!


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