Monday, August 11, 2014

That's My Lump

Today Nolan had to have a procedure that required him to be under general anesthesia.  I had lots of friends and family praying for him (and me!), and the whole experience could not have gone any better.  I am so grateful for those answered prayers!

After his breathing tube was removed and he was awake, I was allowed to go back to the recovery room to be with him.  A hospital employee walked me back to a large room with 14 beds for children coming out of surgery or procedures.

As soon as we walked into the recovery area, I saw one curled up lump under warm blankets and immediately recognized that lump as my baby.  It struck me how amazing it is that I could recognize my child when I could only see his vague form under layers of blankets as well as a sliver of the top of his head. 

That's one of the privileges of being a mother.  I know my children.  I know their voices, their cries, their laughs, their smells.  I knew all of Nolan's answers before he spoke them to every worker or nurse who chatted with him.  I beamed as he made jokes because that's my Nolan.

I love that these three children are mine, and I know them.  That's pretty awesome.


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