Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Colors Trend

I may be done having babies, but I still get to keep up with baby trends through all the people around me who are in need of baby showers, baby products, decorations, etc.

I noticed that the three baby projects I worked on most recently had some common threads.

First, I very happily just completed a project I've been working on for 2-3 months.  I made crib bumpers and a crib skirt for my college roommate Angela.  I love that we're still friends after all these years, and I love that I still get to be part of her growing family even though we are miles apart.

I'll just give you  a little peek of the finished crib bedding since I plan to write a blog post about it later.

The alligator fabric and green circle fabric with orange piping are the crib bumper pads.  The navy and white striped fabric with orange chevron fabric make up the crib skirt.

Angela chose the colors--navy, green, and orange.  She painted the baby's room aqua.

Angela is a perfectionist and extremely detail-oriented.  I actually love working with her on projects.  You may remember that I made her valance for her first son's room.

My two favorite types of "clients" to work with are (1) people who know exactly what they want and can clearly articulate it and (2) people who give general guidelines and then truly give me creative freedom.  Angela is the first type of client.  I can text her pictures or questions, and she can quickly choose between 5 orange ribbons or tell me how many stripes she wants in her fabric.  She doesn't have to be afraid to ask for exactly what she wants, and I don't have to agonize over decisions.

This was a very time-consuming project, and I can't wait to tell you and show you more!

The second baby project I've recently completed was making 72 cupcakes for the first birthday party of a little baby boy at church.  His mom contacted me a month or so before his birthday and gave me an inspiration photo for his party:

She wanted aqua, orange, green, and dark blue (as seen in the cupcake photo).  She requested two batches of chocolate cupcakes and one batch of vanilla (with matching frostings).  She asked me to make bowties and ones for the cupcake toppers.

I made my go-to marshmallow fondant and colored it with food coloring gel.  I made the cupcake toppers a couple days before the party so they could dry out to hold their shape.

The green had a few texture issues, and the dark blue was horrendous!  I don't know if I overworked them trying to get the colors right or what.  The aqua was smooth as a baby's bottom and also my favorite color in general.

To make the bowties, I read this tutorial on Make Fabulous Cakes.  Only I didn't add any polka dots and I made my ties with a single layer and I changed the dimensions.  So I suppose mine are loosely based on the aforementioned tutorial.

I hadn't been given any direction on what the mom wanted for the "1" cupcake toppers, so I decided to layer big circles, medium circles, and ones.  I cut out all the circles and ones of each color and let them dry on wax paper for 24 hours or so.  Then I layered them, using water to "glue" them together.

I baked the cupcakes the day before the party and kept them in my handy dandy cupcake containers that I got by begging the lady behind the bakery counter at Sam's Club when I made the graduation cupcakes.

On the morning of the party, I made the frostings, frosted the cupcakes, and added the decorative toppers.

The third baby project I've done lately is making decorations for a baby shower that a woman at church is hosting.  The theme is "Oh Baby!" since the couple doesn't know if they are having a boy or girl.  The woman hosting the shower chose orange and a darker aqua for the colors.  I didn't mention that these seem very much like boy colors to me.  She asked me to cut out letters for her to attach to a fabric bunting banner.  She chose the font and gave me the paper.

The letters above will each be adhered to a section of the banner, and the banner will be hung on the front of a table at the shower.

She sent me this inspiration picture:

From Love of Family and Home

She gave me a couple different papers and asked me to make something similar to the tags in the picture so she could put them on Mason jars for drinks at the baby shower.  Here's what I came up with:

Did you notice how similar all of the colors are for all of these baby projects?  Aqua and orange...aqua, orange, navy, and, navy, and green.  I think we have a new trend in baby colors!


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