Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas

Some years I really get into Valentine's Day.  One year I stayed up until after midnight making stupid heart-shaped pies on lollipop sticks for one of my kids to take to a class party.  I learned my lesson.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be fun.  It's a chance to tell people you love them.  It's a fun celebration of love itself.  Plus I just love red, pink, and white together.

So, this will be a more low-key Valentine's Day for us.  I'm buying candy and cards for my kids to hand out rather than slaving away in my kitchen.  If I had more time (and I might in future years), here are some ideas that I think are adorable.

I'll be writing a separate post with Valentine's recipes.  {Click here to see the round-up of Valentine's recipes.}

Click on the link below each picture to see the original source.

*Plus look around this site for lots more ideas!

*I think these are fantastic and exactly what my boys love!

I found this picture on Pinterest and the link to the original source wasn't working.  I'd love to give credit where credit is due but don't know how!  You can see how they're made:  take photo of your child holding up a fist, cut slits above and below his/her fist, insert sucker.

Ok, that should get you off to a great start! :)



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