Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Crafts, Gifts, and Activities

I have all sorts of bookmarked tutorials and ideas to share with you.  Rather than organize them neatly into categories, I'm just going to share ideas with you as I come across them.  How's that for imperfect? ;)

Click on the link below each photo to visit the original site.

Cookies in dressed-up Pringles containers!  How cool is that??  See the idea here.

*I used this tutorial last year to make these Mentos snowmen for all 7 teachers in my kids' lives (plus a couple extra recipients).  It was great to do them all as an assembly line, and I only needed a few pairs of socks (from the dollar spot at Target), one package of mini buttons, and one sheet of orange foam (what I used for the noses). 

If you don't want to make gingerbread houses, you could try these Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

More great ideas for keeping your family focused on the true meaning of Christmas

*I think these would make cute homemade ornaments

Advent Calendar--with free printable ideas!
*I love the two sets of free printable ideas in this post.  You could use some of these ideas for any projects you're doing with your family this season.

Make Your Own Nativity Set (Free Printable:  pre-colored or color-your-own)

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has 237 kindness ideas.  These are great ideas to help you spread Christmas cheer!

I know this is a random collection of Christmas ideas, but I just couldn't go one more day without posting something.


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